Democracy in Canada

An Ailing Democracy

Since coming to power, the administration of Stephen Harper has made headlines for undermining government opennesses and accountability, introducing divisive if not outright unpopular laws, and ignoring or intimidating critics, including the fourth estate.

On such foundations dictatorships are built, leading to concerns about the state of our democracy. But how much of that foundation was actually laid by Harper, and how much was there before he even became prime minister?

from Is Harper a Cause or a Symptom of our Ailing Democracy
Sean Holdman, The Tyee. March 30, 2015

Assaults on Democracy and the Law
from Harper, Serial Abuser of Power: The Evidence Compiled
The Tyee, August 10, 2015, Davis Beers, Tyee staff, and contributors

Democracy in Canada

We need Jon Stewart to set Canada straight
Lawrence Martin, Globe and Mail, August 11, 2015

Will voters get the oil sands debate they deserve?
Margaret Wente, Globe and Mail, August 11, 2015

Journalism in Canada

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To cahnge something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete”
Richard Buckminster Fuller

A strong and independent media is the cornerstone of a healthy democracy. Journalists hold officials accountable to the people they are elected to represent, and they help citizens and communities to be informed

With a few simple keystrokes you can sample thousands of opinions afloat in a sea of information. But as volume increases, the accuracy and reliability of professional journalism is essential

Professional journalists are committed to balanced. Independent, and non-partisan reporting. They cut through the spin to give you the information and perspective you need.

With today’s information overload, gathering and sorting he facts, weighing and interpreting the events, and following the story from beginning to end is more important than ever.

Journalism Is

Journalism Is is a broad-based campaign celebrating the contributions of quality Canadian journalism, through advertising and online conversation. The campaign aims to rally the wider community of journalist and media workers, media corporations and media consumers to increase awareness, recognition and support for professional journalism.

  • Journalism is getting answers
  • Journalism is committed to telling the truth
  • Journalism is storytelling with a purpose
  • Journalism is a watchdog over the powerful
  • Journalism is creating a forum for public debate
  • Journalism is an independent voice
  • Journalism is committed to the public interest
  • Journalism is telling the whole story
  • Journalism is relentless
  • Journalism is essential to democracy

Journalism Is is supported by a number of national and local newspapers, broadcasters, journalist associations, unions and industry groups. The Journalism Is campaign marks the first phase of a longer term effort to mobilize the media industry and the public to support professional journalism in Canada.

Journalism is essential to Democracy
Journalism Is – Mobilizing the media industry to support professional journalism in Canada